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Client: SolidBoss Worldwide, Inc.


Solid BossSolidBoss Worldwide, Inc. commissioned Danskin Creative Communication to assist them in increasing leads and sales. The marketer of solid, non-pneumatic industrial tires had experienced a plateau in sales over the previous three years, and more recently, a downturn in the Fall of 2008, which coincided with economic recession.

Their products, which resist punctures and eliminate the downtime related to flats that regularly occur on worksites with pneumatic tires, enjoy high levels of customer satisfaction. Furthermore, their line of solid tires is broad, including skid steer tires, loader tires, telehandler tires, segmented tires, forklift tires, and custom. Puncture proof tires are popular for use in foundries, scrap yards, waste management facilities and various construction and industrial sites, where machinery operates around materials and refuse that is likely to puncture and flatten air-filled tires.

SolidBoss had utilized trade advertising, Google AdWords, and direct mail to communicate promotions and new products. They also sent email promotions to dealers and other key customers. The Google AdWords campaign was significantly hampered by
the ineffectiveness of the landing page, which was not resulting in conversions.

The Challenge

The company’s web site, www.SolidBoss.com, had been compiled and expanded over several years. The site was not optimized for key term searches on Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc., so it was drawing very few new visitors. In fact, no key term research and analysis had been done and applied to the site.

The company was receiving two web inquiries per week, and was not certain where they were coming from.

The navigation of the site was hampering the user experience, and likely frustrating visitors. The navigation would change from page to page, causing confusion as to current location on the site.

Furthermore, the graphic quality of the site was undermining the high quality of the SolidBoss™ and AirBoss™ brands.

The Solution

Danskin undertook a comprehensive brand-building redesign effort, focusing on ease of navigation, user experience, and lead capture. Simultaneously, the firm conducted intensive key term analysis and created optimized content for the web site.

The Results

Within two weeks of launch, SolidBoss.com began receiving an average of two leads per day. The sales conversion rate on these quote requests was 20%.

Furthermore, within 45 days of launch, An OEM manufacturer found SolidBoss through a Google search for “custom solid tires” (SolidBoss was in 3rd position at the time). The company contracted with SolidBoss for custom tire assemblies that resulted, by profit margin on that contract alone, in a 900% return on investment in 2009. The contract was renewed and increased in 2010.

SolidBoss.com continues to perform very well in “organic” or “natural” Google (and other search engines) searches, resulting in approximately 700 monthly visits and an average of 67 monthly quote request submissions through their web site, and receiving 1,200 in their first 1.5 years following launch. Total visits through “organic” searches exceeded 11,800 (8,472 excluding searches using the company’s name).

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