Maintain Sound Marketing Strategy

We can get to work on your marketing projects, immediately. However, if you are a new company, a company who never established brand strength in your marketplace, or a company needing to reinvent itself in a changing economy, we recommend that you commission us to develop a marketing communication strategy, including brand building initiatives, so that you won’t waste precious marketing budget on projects that don’t serve your business objectives or your brand.

Why a Marketing Communication Plan is Critical to ROI

Developing a marketing communication plan is critical to achieving and maintaining ROI. You need a plan to help you meet objectives, sales goals, growth targets, and customer loyalty, etc. By planning, executing and measuring communications initiatives that align with your organization’s business objectives, you can ensure you are positioning your brand successfully.

Building Your Brand

How do you perceive your brand? How do your customers perceive your company? How do your prospects perceive your company? How do your and their perceptions differ? How do you bridge that gap? Where do your competitors dominate? Where are they weak? Danskin can help you develop your brand from analyzing research data to creating an identity that will communicate the real values and benefits of your products or services. 

Your brand should embody more than just the visual identity portrayed in your company name and logo. It eventually will be formed by the experiences of your customers, the perceptions of your prospects, the loyalty of your employees and the word of mouth or online audience that metabolizes information about your company. From the logo on your building or sign, to the labeled product opened by a customer, the email or phone call received by an inquiring consumer, to the news story read by the masses, brand building is a long-term proposition in constant need of attention.